Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA RMIT)

VSA RMIT is an inclusive family for students to unite through common appreciation for the Vietnamese culture. The club aims to preserve and promote the Vietnamese Australian Identity and provide youths with a place to learn about their heritage.

**Xin chào các bạn! Hello friends!** 👋 ---------------------------------- If this is your first encounter with VSA, then strap yourself in for a whirlwind of amazing memories and experiences! We are literally one in a hundred (and more!) of other VSA networks around the world (spanning across Australia, the US, and even Europe!) 🗺️ VSA RMIT aims to provide a social and cultural focus and support base for Australian-Vietnamese RMIT students. We are also interested in providing opportunities for members to participate in cultural and charity-based activities within the broader community through shared events with other VSA branches and the general Australian-Vietnamese Community. ---------- **Frequently Asked Questions** ------------------------------ **Q: I am interested in joining as a member but I am not Vietnamese. Can I still join?** **A:** YES, we would love to have you join VSA RMIT as our member! We are 100% an inclusive community! 🤗 **Q: How much does membership cost?** **A:** 2023 memberships are now open! Annual membership prices are as follows: - RMIT Students: $5 - Non-RMIT Students: $10 TO JOIN/REJOIN - please use the the link in the menu for the VSA RMIT 2023 Membership Form Note: Membership lasts the whole year!! So if you join in Semester 1, there is no need to sign up again in Semester 2!! 😍💗 **Q: I am already a member but I don't know how to get updates, where else can I find you guys?** **A:** Thank you for joining us! You can find us on [Facebook][1], [Instagram][2], and [Tiktok][3] for exclusive deals, committee fun, and upcoming event details. Don't forget to give us a like and follow for future updates! 😊 ---------- ----------------------- Click [here][4] for more insight about us and the VSA Victorian family! 🥰 ♥️ ***VSA RMIT*** [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: