Hong Kong Student Association RMIT HKSA

To organise social events for RMIT students from Hong Kong to support them to make friends, develop lifelong networks and have fun.

Indian Club

RMIT Indian Club is open to RMIT students from everywhere, regardless of their nationality, to participate and enjoy the rich and diverse culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Indonesian Student Association PPIA RMIT

PPIA RMIT is an Indonesian Student Association under RUSU which both celebrates and embraces the Indonesian culture in Melbourne.

International Studies Association

The RMIT International Studies Association is a student run association that aims to foster and share the values of the Bachelor of International Studies community.

Islamic Society

RMIT Islamic Society's primary objective is to act as a support network for all Muslim students at RMIT.

Italian Club

Current world Italian culture, food, games, and customs are slowly being lost. So we have a combined aim to bond over and share our customs with other Italians and the broader community.

Laboratory Medicine Student Society

RMIT Lab Med Student Society is a Bundoora Campus based academic club.

Malaysian Association RUMA

A place to call home, away from home

Master of Fine Arts Graduating Club

The RMIT MFA Graduating Club supports and promotes work made by the graduating artists.

Mechatronics Student Association

MSA is an Academic Club for students studying or interesting in Mechatronics Engineering.

Medical Radiation Student Association MRSA

The RMIT Medical Radiation Student Association is the student body of RMIT's Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiation) Program.

OpenBite Association

RMIT OpenBite Association is a club for RMIT Print Image Practice (BA Fine Art) students.

Photonics Society (RPS)

The RMIT Photonics Society (formerly the University OSA Student Chapter) is affiliated to the Optical Society of America (OSA).

Physics Student Association RMIT

The Physics Student Association is an academic club at RMIT for students studying physics at all academic levels at RMIT

planetUNI RMIT

planetUNI RMIT is a RMIT club that seeks to connect with and empower RMIT students to live beyond themselves. We have lots of fun together and would love to meet YOU!