Students Association for Sustainable Systems Engineering RMIT SASSE

SASSE is an academic Club for RMIT Sustainable Systems Engineering students and their supporters.


The Association's aims are to: Make connections between students studying RMIT Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) Support RMIT SSE students in adjusting to University life and throughout their whole RMIT academic experience Create a community of students within RMIT SSE Increase the profile of RMIT SSE through active members SASSE's regular activities include: Orientation events for all commencing and returning RMIT SSE students; Working with the relevant student/University processes to develop resources for SSE students on campus such as a common room; Ongoing regular social events; Industry connection events. SASSE's annual membership is free! To join: 1: Click on the "Join/Renew" in the menu to the right 2: If you've joined a club through RUSU web, you should already have a log-in account. Log in through the pop-up and this will take you to the club membership form 3: If you don't have an account in the RUSU web system, there is a link to set one up at the bottom of the pop-up. Do that and you will be taken to the club membership form. 4: Please note - this is not the same as joining RUSU (that's the "Join" button at the top) Our email is Students interested in helping out with our event planning, promotions etc, are encouraged to contact us!