Greens RMIT

RMIT Greens is a University political group promoting Social Equality, Justice, Environmentalism and Activism in RMIT student life.


The RMIT Greens is a Student Union collective aim to educate people about Green policies and core values. The RMIT Greens have the core values embedded in environmental sustainability and believe in a need to incubate and encourage sustainable practice in our daily lifestyles; through advocacy, support of climate action, increasing awareness levels of current issues to fellow students, that may translate into positive environmental and social change into the future.

The RMIT Greens Club holds forums, social activities and promotes community participation in relevant events. We meet fortnightly to plan, catch-up and have a drink at the John Curtain. We also have other social events including clothes swaps and BBQ's throughout the year.

There are more than two choices in Australian politics and the Greens advocate for sustainability in our economy, society and environment. We are in support of the Victorian Greens and Australian Greens political parties and aim to educate people about their policies and core values.

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