Autonomous Systems Society (RASS)


RMIT Autonomous Systems Society is a new general interest club that started in 2018.

The aims of RASS are:
1. To develop student’s skills in the area of unmanned systems
2. Allow students to design, build and test their projects, and to potentially participate in small, local competitions.
3. These skills include soldering, system design, material shaping, operation, and safety.
4. Range of disciplines are welcomed! including aerospace, aviation, electronics, computer science, geospatial science, architecture, business, physics, environmental engineering and sciences, and civil engineering etc.

RASS hopes to deliver a program of activities including building workshops, developing guides about building unmanned systems and social events.

There is no annual membership fee to join RASS. Please use the "Join or Renew" button on this page

To contact RASS, please email and check out our Facebook page at


This semester we have 3 big projects for people in second year or with previous experience.

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