...Provisional Clubs

Info about new RUSU clubs trying to start up for 2019 (and how to contact them)


These clubs are "Provisionally" Affiliated with RUSU (we call them "Provs"). This means they have at least four students willing to get their club started and RUSU supports their new club idea.
Now they need at least another 16 enrolled RMIT students to join their club so they can call their Inaugural General Meeting (IGM).
This will get them on their way to becoming "Fully Affiliated"

At its' IGM, the new club will:
-Vote to approve the club name
-Vote to approve the club aims
-Vote to approve the club Constitution
-Vote to decide if the club will have a membership fee (and, if so, what it will be)
-Vote to elect the Club Executive (must be going to continue enrolment at RMIT for 2019)
-Vote to approve the club's annual activity plan

SO - if you'd like to be a founding member of any of these clubs, please email the student contact to say "Hi!" and to ask how you can get involved.
New Provs will be added to this page as they are approved- when they gain Full Affiliation, they will get a page of their own.

Current Provisionally Affiliated RUSU Clubs
1. ASEAN Youth of RMIT University:
Aim: To provide opportunities for RMIT students from ASEAN countries to become more connected and engaged with each other both socially and professionally.
Contact Dang at s3676330@student.rmit.edu.au
2. RMIT Regional Students' Association
Aims: To develop a support network for regional students and run events to bring them together to help make them feel more included & at home at RMIT & in Melbourne.
Contact Sheldon at s3662889@student.rmit.edu.au
3. Saudi Students Union RMIT (SSUR)
Aims: To provide a welcoming support base for Saudi students studying at RMIT, to share Saudi culture with the RMIT community and to play an active role in the RMIT Community.
Contact: Abdullah at s3173874@student.rmit.edu.au
4. RMIT Student Pilot Association
Aims: To support the academic, professional and social well being of student pilots at RMIT through a program of social and professional networking events and peer to peer academic mentoring (Note - Point Cook based)
Contact: Ahmad at s3749421@student.rmit.edu.au
5. RMIT Film Society
Aims: To provide an opportunity for RMIT students to share and develop their interest in film and make new friends through a regular program of watching and talking about films (city based)
Contact: Xavier at s3722408@student.rmit.edu.au

If you'd like to start a new RUSU Club for 2019, please see our "Start a Club" page. Hint - you start this process by 1: checking the club doesn't already exist and then 2: emailing rusu.clubs@rmit.edu.au with your ideas about the club - what its' aims would be and what it would actually do.