Digital Media Club


Digital Media Club (DMC) is a light-hearted family of RMIT students studying Bachelor of Design (Digitla Media) filled with creativity, curiosity, and passion based in RMIT University Melbourne. Our club focuses on design in a variety of different formats and platforms ranging from branding, installation, projection, sound, VR and AR. Our goal is to create a place where students studying Digital Media can freely express themselves through their works.
As a member of our club, you will have the opportunity to socialise with other DMC Students, connect to industry-standard individuals, attend public events, and finally freely share and receive feedback for your work.
At DMC, we prioritise accessibility meaning we offer no annual membership fee when joining the club. You will only need to complete or be working on your Bachelor of Design (Digital Media).
To join/re-join for 2020, please use the link to the form on this page. If you haven't used the student union website before, you will need to set up an account in the system. This is not the same as joining RUSU.
To contact the Club, please email