Beer Brewers and Connoisseurs Club

The RMIT BBC is about the promotion of the art of Home Brewing throughout RMIT as well as the responsible enjoyment and appreciation of alcoholic beverages.


Important: Due to legal restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, membership to the club must be restricted to those over the age of 18 years*

Throughout the year we host a range of nights and events to promote the Clubs' objectives.

To contact the club email head to our facebook page (link to the right of this page)

*Our membership Fee is $0 for all currently enrolled RMIT student Members, $0 for previous BBC Executive who have graduated, $5 for other RMIT graduates and students from other Universities and $10 for all others.

Please join (or re-join) for 2018 through this web page. If you are required to pay a membership. we will contact you to arrange this. *Reminder - only people over 18 years of age may become BBC members.