How To Vote (and not f**k it up)

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How To Vote (and not f**k it up)

Can I put glitter/flowers/a hamburger into the envelope?
You probably shouldn’t - it may result in your survey being destroyed before your vote is counted!
ABS: “The survey envelope is designated to be for the survey response only and is not a channel for correspondence, complaints or other communication. Any extraneous material inserted in the envelope with the survey form will be destroyed and, due to processing machinery or possible contamination, may result in the survey form also being destroyed and therefore not processed.”

Should I have gotten my ballot in the mail by now?
Yes! You should have received it by the 25th of September. If you haven’t got it, you can request a new one from the ABS before the 20th of October.
Life advice - if you haven’t received your ballot due to living at a different address to the one on the Electoral Roll, update your details now so you’re safe for when the next election happens!

When do I have to post it back by?
While the survey doesn’t close until Tuesday the 7th of November, play it safe and have yours in the mail by the Friday the 27th of October to make sure your vote counts!

Do I haaaaaaaaave to do it?
The postal vote is voluntary, so you won’t be fined if you don’t do it; however this is such a big chance to have your voice heard, so we suggest you don’t lose your ballot under all the assignments and study on your desk.

Oh no I spilled coffee on my ballot!
That’s okay! You’ve got until the 18th of October to request a new survey form, just don’t spill anything on this one!

How do I do it?
Filling in your survey form is easy! All you have to do is read the question, mark one box (yes or no) using a dark pen, then post it. That’s it. See? I told you it was easy!
If you feel a strong urge to fill in both boxes, do so knowing that it will deem your response invalid and your vote won’t be counted.

Why is the survey being done on paper instead of online?
If you are unable to fill in a paper form for any reason, request a Secure Access Code from the ABS before the 20th of October. This will allow you to vote either online or over the phone.